Doggy Portraits, Wedding Planning & A New Bun? 23/07/17

Update time!

I gave myself the mission of taking more photographs this week as I really feel like I don’t take enough. I have a phone that takes perfectly good photographs so I have no excuse to not shoot at all. I do however need to use my camera more, maybe next week I will get my studio out and do some studio shots, it’s been a while since I shot in the studio. Enough about that; let’s get on with the catch up, got your cuppa?


A beautiful sunny Monday! Ah, It felt good to feel the hot sun on my skin again. Me and Stewart went to Gainsborough for lunch at nanna’s house; I always enjoy spending time with family. No matter what it is whether we’re invited on a day out or to just spend the day at their house. No matter what you’re doing you’re always making memories.  The ultimate highlight of my day was when I made friends with a black kitty in the alley by the side of nan’s house. I’ve never seen this one before (Nan gets super aggy if I call all the cats to her house at once and I do this whenever I get a chance, I know all the cats in nan’s street!)




Tuesday was a day of admin, due to the gorgeous weather I decided to do it outside. I didn’t get very far with it as I didn’t take my sunglasses out with me and have any of you actually tried writing on white paper with the sun beaming down on the page? It legitimately blinds you and unfortunately, I was too lazy to go in and grab some sunglasses and instead took it all inside, stared at it a bit longer and that was it.

Me and Stewart also got out our wedding scrap book and started working on it. We’ve noticed how quickly 1 year went by and decided it was time to start looking at stuff (with only 4 years remaining.) and coming up with budgets. We were supposed to be looking at potential venues this time, but instead made a clear set decision on where we wanted it to take place, and what date in the future. So I guess,  WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL WEDDING DATE?




Wednesday didn’t result in much, I am struggling to remember what I even did as there are no images in my phone from Wednesday. Probably another day of sitting at my computer screen, trying to piece together idea’s I have for my photography and wondering where the hell I am going to find the models for it.

p.s If you guys know of any models or something or a good place to look for models then please, help a girl out and send it forwards.



Thursday, I did something, obviously with the go ahead from Stewart because I would never just come home with a fluffy animal without Stewart’s permission. (I totally have done this once!!)

Okay, so the background here is that I’ve wanted a big fat black lop bunny for a while, to even out my colours in the rabbits and I want to put all their names on their hutch door, but there are 5 spaces and I only had 4 rabbits.

We went into the pet shop, to pick up mums bunny Gandalf. He was alone, nobody wanted him and so mum had bought him. a beautiful black and grey lion head, obviously, there’s going to be trouble taking me into a pet shop that sells live animals. I can’t bear to see them caged.

TEENY, TINY BABY DWARF RABBITS. Safe to say I bought one and it came straight home with me, SO not really the big fat lop I wanted, but still black!

Everybody, meet Bronson.



I decided to drag the Studio set up out and originally planned to do some still life work, however, the dogs as soon as the studio comes out and is erected think it’s time for their photographs to be taken and like the soft head I am, I just cannot say no to them. I always photograph them but never have I ever managed to get a photograph of them both together, until today. Aren’t my boys just the most handsome devils ever in these images?  I was contemplating getting the rabbits out but that’s too much effort for solo shooting. I need Stewart my wing man for that.




Today me, Alison (Stewart’s mum) and Bec (Stewart’s sister) planned to go to a psychic and clairvoyant fair based in Market Rasen. The day started as normal as possible, with me and Alison venturing out to Sleaford to pick Bec up, roof down on the Mercedes, being ladies (haha) of leisure, We picked  Bec and Ron (Bec’s dog!) and headed back to Lincoln to drop of Ronny at home so we could get out to Market Rasen to explore the fair. The day was going according to plan until we hit a mass standstill of traffic. Due to an accident located in the middle of Lincoln, the WHOLE of Lincoln came to a standstill and a half an hour journey turned into a 2 hour one; this didn’t leave us with much time to get to the fair and have a good look around, eventually, thanks to matt being driver for us, we got there with an hour of exploration time before it closed. We were out of there again within 10 minutes. It wasn’t very good and we left and found some lunch in a nearby pub. I am now planning my next business venture. Selling crystals and laminated quotes and printed images.



Today and went to see my Uncle in the hospital and then I let Stewart take photographs of me, kind of  with a lot of assistance from me because I like my photographs to look and be taken in a specific way and style. Somehow it is half 7 and I have no idea where the hell the day has gone but I hope you have all had a fantastic week.

I have also decided to do a lot more photography related posts on this blog so keep your eye out for them!


Family, Thunderstorms and 18th Celebrations! 9.7.17

Good afternoon everybody! Hope you’re all feeling good and not too daunted by the fact that it is Monday tomorrow but it’s time to catch up on what has happened throughout the week!

Monday consisted of house maintenance and waiting for a washing machine to arrive. A brand new washing machine that hopefully, we will have a lot more luck with compared to the previous machines we’ve had in the last year or 2. After that we took a drive to Gainsborough, my sister Lucy was hating the way her house looked so we decided to go and drop her off some painting supplies and help her get started on making her house look a bit more personalised. She seemed to be much happier when we left. I know how it feels to live in a house and hate the way it looks. There’s honestly nothing better than being able to put your own mark on it.


Tuesday, I drove to Gainsborough. It was the first time I got back into a car and drove for a while. Honestly, I hate driving. I hate the pressure around me passing and I hate that all instructors I’ve been with have been complete arseholes. Maybe if I pass then I wouldn’t feel the pressure and would enjoy it. Honestly, though, I don’t have the money right now to get me through my test and that’s a bummer in itself. Asides from all that I spent the day at Mums with Lucy and Andrew, we played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games on Nintendo ds’s and honestly it was hilarious to have all 3 of us playing one of the games we used to play as kids, giving each other shit when the other won and being sore losers.



Wednesday consisted of me spending time with my animals, lazing around the house and feeling sorry for myself. For some reason, I cannot come to terms with the fact that it’s ok to chill out and have nothing to do and because of that I purposely didn’t put a post up on Wednesday.  To show me it’s absolutely ok to do nothing all day. It was tough and I was constantly thinking about maybe constructing a post to go live but I didn’t because honestly, my mind space wasn’t great and it would have probably been some chit chat about something completely uninteresting.  The most strenuous thing I did all day bathed the dogs. They never look like they enjoy a bath but I know for a fact they do.


Thursday was another day spent in Gainsborough, again with mum, Lucy and Andrew. We had a pretty chilled day, the highlight of the day though was definitely me and Andrew sucking helium out of his 18th balloons. We had thunderstorms forecasted for Thursday and honestly I didn’t think they were going to happen. They never seem to happen anymore in the UK and about an hour before we actually had a storm hit us I sent my mum a text saying ”the day we get storms will be the day I eat shit!”  and mum said  ”Yeah me too” Turns out Thursday was the day I and my mum ate shit. (Funny, some people probably think me and mum talk a lot of shit. So that one’s for you!)
I saw the storm coming over the hill in the distance if you’ve ever seen out our house we can see quite far out from our little home on the hill. Mum had sent me pictures of her very angry looking sky and I got a little bit jealous because honestly, I didn’t think Lincoln was going to get hit by a storm. I sat outside watching the storm approach for about 45 minutes, as the storm got closer it turned redder, first, it was a pinky colour, then orange/pinky colour and then red. There’s a running joke in my family where everybody takes the piss out of me and says ”we’re doomed” everytime a storm is coming or there’s a remote sniff of possibility of a storm and that’s because I used to be obsessed with tornado’s as a young un and honestly, every time we had a storm I’d be 100% convinced we were getting a tornado and I’d hide under a mattress or table or something. Honestly, though, I saw these storm clouds on Thursday and honestly thought we were in fact, doomed.



Friday, a very boring Friday.  Nothing happened. I ate, watched youtube, had a workout and slept. Friday was a very CBA day. I watched a documentary on the weather, it was really good actually, you can see it here too;

Saturday we finally took my brother out on the town to celebrate his 18th birthday that was last weekend. We had pre-drinks at my home where we sang SingStar to get us all in the mood and ready to party and then we embarked on our way into town. Me, Stewart, Nan, Grandad, Mum, Gaz and Lucy and Ryan.  A long story cut very short, we had an ace night and I had the best time with these guys. One of the best nights out in a long time and I will just put it here that Lucy’s dancing is something otherworldly. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before and when you’re in a nightclub, you see a lot of strange dancing but her’s is just something else. I love my family. Oh, and I had a go at a bouncer. Yes, me. That’s for a whole other blog post though!

and finally, today, Sunday as I am writing this currently tucking into the biggest bowl of cheesy pasta imaginable because I LOVE CHEESY PASTA. I’m feeling good, probably the best I have felt all week. I have nothing planned for today and I’ve decided I am going to enjoy that!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! ❤











Birthday Celebrations & Realisations 2.7.17

Good evening everybody! I have just dragged myself away from Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy to quickly type up this weekly update!

I feel like this week has been a complete emotional roller coaster not just for me, but for some other members of the family as well.

It’s funny how really shitty situations can bring you so much closer to people. This week things started to look up for me, my brother and sister. I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s not that important, but what is important about it is how we’ve taken a really, utterly crappy situation and used it to bring us closer together. We’ve had the heart to hearts and I think we finally understand each other’s grounds. As long as we stay there for each other it does not matter who isn’t there for us and if you’re having a bit of a tough time, talk to someone, confide in a person close to you because you will find it really helps mend those wounds, no matter how deep they are.

My Final Major Project was a mass eye opener to the people who actually give a shit about me to take the time to look at the work I’ve been grueling myself with over the last few months, admittedly I left feeling a little unhappy that some people didn’t show however, I chose to carry out all my focus on the people that did show. You can read some more about this on my previous post.
Asides from the emotional roller coaster, I’ve had a pretty good week. Considering I stuffed my face today on the best all you can eat buffet I feel amazing, healthy and fit.

Today (2nd July) is my brother’s birthday. 18 years old. (Incoming sop)  I’m not gonna beat around the bush here but some people have the completely wrong impression about this lad. He has such a good heart and unfortunately, he doesn’t get enough credit for that. He’s a good lad and it is a complete shame he doesn’t get any kind of acknowledgement for that. He could be out drinking on parks, doing all kinds of rum crap but nope. I am super proud of the young man he has become and I look forwards to having him stumble into my house at stupid o clock in the morning when he doesn’t have enough pennies for the taxi home to Gainsborough from a night out in Lincoln. Haha!

Now that the sop is over with, we had an awesome day celebrating. We had a walk around Doncaster shopping centre and then went for an expensive but we’ll worth it all you can eat buffet at Cosmos. Oh my good lord. I wish I had got some photographs but honestly, I was like a bloody puppy going into a ball shop. Food from every bloody continent possible. Desserts of every bloody kind. I left with an extremely fat food baby. I rolled to the car.

Birthday boy and myself, showing off his fancy new bling.

We needed an up to date photograph of us tiddlywinks. They’re all my world ❤️
 A panoramic shot gone wrong.

Here are some more photos from the week;

There’s not that much exciting stuff in the photographs this week. I got a new phone yesterday and don’t have that many photographs on it to share with you.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week.

9th June 2017

Goooooooooood morning sweeties.

It’s been a short while since my last catch up with me post and honestly, I probably really haven’t done that much that’s worth writing about. Life is incredibly dull and boring at the moment, asides from that though I got a new bunny again. That makes 4 buns altogether.

Yes, I may just be a bunny addict.

So, I was adamant when I bought the last bun, Olive that I was finished. I had enough bunnies and was completely happy with my little fur family. Then, Monday me and Stewart arrived at mums and previous to this me and mum had been discussing whether or not it would be a good idea to get her another rabbit, the conclusion to this was yes because, her rabbit, Bash was lonely and no longer came out to play.


Anyway, we got to mums and she was sat on the sofa with a weird grin on her face and I remember thinking ”what the hell is she grinning like that for, what has she done?” I then saw this ball of fluff, at first I just thought it was a new teddy of Eli’s or something but then it bloody moved. I could have cried. It wasn’t even my rabbit and the happiness this little thing gave me was ridiculous, mum then told me, the pet shop she got him from had a girl left, on her own. THIS WOULD NOT DO. No bunny should be left alone.

Long story short, Pippa came to live with me and she is the most beautiful, princess in the whole wide world.

Asides from this mass moment of excitement and happiness, nothing else has really happened this week and I promise, the next time I write a catch up with me post, I will not have a new furry friend to write about. I am actually done now. My little fur family is complete with the Fluffy 10! (Follow them on Instagram here: @thefluffy10)






Sunday, May 28th, 2017.

Good afternoon one and all. Crikey it’s been one heck of a crazy week. I’ve been out of college for too long now, I’m struggling to even remember what day of the week it is but here we are, on a sunny Sunday morning.

A fair bit has happened this week considering my last catch up with me post was on a Thursday. Last Sunday, I and Stewart were crazy and got another bunny, a beautiful little lady called Olive. She is the cutest little button.


Asides from that nothing as exciting has happened this week apart from a lot of the time has been spent in the sunshine. I am starting to gain a decent natural tan which is nice as fake tan doesn’t bode well with me at all. Although, nor does this heat. I suffer terribly in the summer with my eczema and heat rash. If anybody has any pointers on how to deal with that then, please send them my way!


I attended my younger brother, Tommy’s sports day on Friday and I actually really enjoy it. The weather always seems to be amazing and on top of that, the atmosphere is always really positive. Walked mums dogs with my brother afterwards and just chilled with the kiddies in the garden with the paddling pool.


My other brother, Andy came to stay for a couple of nights over the weekend too, Saturday we attempted to tackle the garden because I must admit, it got a bit out of hand and neglected with me having to focus on my college work before I broke up; and seems as though I’m the only one who does it; Even if I do nearly pass out due to the heat and intensity of pushing a heavy petrol filled lawn mover through a good meter of grass and not having a trimmer to trim the crap down.  I and Andy took it in turns and a couple of hours later, the grass was reduced drastically.


We had a BBQ at my nans this afternoon; meaning I got to spend more time with my wonderful family. Lots of hot dogs, burgers and chicken. As I am writing this my eyes are closing in on me and all I want to do is sit in bed lounging for the rest of the evening and I’m probably going to do just that.  We also gave a very tired bee some sugar water which he appreciated quite a lot!

Thursday, May 18th, 2017.

As I am writing this I am happily devouring brioche cheese buns and enjoying a coffee, staring at my computer reflecting on how much of a ‘bad’ week I have had and how I woke up feeling different this morning.

For about a month I have found it hard to get out of bed, I’ve eaten tonnes and tonnes of Cadbury chocolate and loads of other naughty stuff and completely put my morning exercise routines on the back burner, which was the everyday norm for me until I actually stuck to the new years resolution for once to ”get fit”. I’m not going to lie I do think the Antidepressants did help a lot with my motivation to diet and exercise because I felt amazing after the first 2 weeks of being on them. I was determined to turn my life around and I did.

Every now and then we come to a bump in the road, and you have to remember that that is all it is, just a bump in the road. Drive over that bump slowly and carry on, drive over it quickly and you might hurt your car in the process.

The last few days I have felt as though I don’t want to do my makeup, I don’t want to leave the house, I don’t want to see anybody and I was really starting to worry that things were heading back down that absolute horrible road of wallowing in a shit tonne of anxiety and depression. I’ve felt as though it’s been so hard these last couple of weeks and even had the thoughts that haunted me before come back ”would they really missed me if I were gone?” I had to shake my head a few times and tell myself that I have come so far on this journey and battle with my mental health that I am not going to let one bump in the road get me down as I have so so much to look forwards to for the rest of this year.

In just over a months time I have my final show at college, which is basically where the whole college get together and display all our final pieces from our latest final major projects and celebrate drinking wine with our tutors, friends and family. I then have a summer to look forwards to, summer is my favourite time of year, I have my graduation coming up which I am so excited about because I honestly, never ever thought I’d see the day that I’d graduate; seeing all my family there, being proud of what I have achieved will surely make me proud of myself.

This morning I woke up much happier, I had some fruit and fit in a workout which I hadn’t wanted to do for a while now and as much as it was only 20 minutes ( I do have a cold!) It was better than nothing. I am now sat here, again feeling positive and optimistic just how I like.

Asides from battling with my own emotions I haven’t really done much else this week. I’ve been considerably lost without college work hanging over my head so all I’ve really done is laze around, feeling terribly sorry for myself, eating crap and watching movies. I know next week will be different.