Sisterly Bonding and Photoshoots! 6/08/17


Here we are, another week has gone by and I have to say it has been a lot better than last week. I’ve had a pretty positive, anxiety free week and it has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve had company for most of the week as well which has been nice. I love having people come and stay with me cause it actually forces me to do stuff instead of sitting staring at my MacBook doing all sorts of admin work. I haven’t really done anything totally interesting this week;


Another trip to mothers was on the cards today,  me and Stewart drove up a lot later than usual and ended up having tea. I went back up in mums attic which is one of my favourite things to do. I came home with some of mum’s old clothes and old computers hoping to retrieve some old photographs but unfortunately, the computers were all wiped blank, but Stewart has decided to make his own computer now out of a ps2. Which isn’t nerdy at all. Before we went home, we all went for a drive so Andrew could show us his skills and honestly, he’s picking up driving really quickly and is already better at it than me, we won’t tell him that though because his head is already as big as the moon.


Because Nikki came home with us on Monday we dedicated Tuesday to colouring her hair from black to a much lighter colour. Nobody should ever dye their hair black if they’re going to be likely to want to change it without spending a lot of time and money on it in salons because it is a bitch of a colour to remove from hair. However, 7hours and 20 mins down and there is no trace of black or even brown in her hair. I think she is very happy with it now which is the main thing.



Me and Nicola decided we were going to play in the studio today and do some photographs. We decided to showcase her new hair and do a unicorn inspired shoot. It’s been a while since I was able to get creative with makeup and these kinds of fantasy inspired shoots are fun for everybody involved because they are so easy going and laid back and honestly can create some proper laugh out loud moments. You can see some of the photographs from this shoot here.


Mum picked me and Nic up today and we spent the day in Gainsborough. We didn’t really do much, just chilled, did some shopping, ate some chips and then went home again. It was a good way to kill a massive part of the day meaning I didn’t have to find something for me and Nic to do because it’s hard enough finding something for yourself to do let alone another person as well. When we got home from mums we sat down for an hour and a half painting some rocks; pics below.

I had some a4 playing cards delivered and They’re so much fun to play with. I have a bit of a thing for playing cards at the moment, I’ve seen A3 size on the internet and they are next on my purchase list.


I woke up with a cold brewing, but that didn’t stop me having the time of my life in the garden with Nik. We decided to trial run the water slide in my back garden. It would work a hell of a lot better with less wind and fewer dogs running in front of you every 5 minutes. We added some bubble bath into the lazy spa and basically, acted like kids for a good majority of the day and basically just made the most of the sunshine. The day ended with us playing cards until midnight, laughing hysterically at nothing. Who knew playing cards could give you so much fun and laughter.


Another day consisting of not a lot. We took Nik home today and spent some time catching up with mum yet again, I might as well move back in, haha! As soon as I got home I decided to move around the bunnies room and make it a bit more cosy and fun for them to live in. They’re all finally getting on together, Olive is the most dominant, she rules the whole house. I love sitting in the room with all my bunnies. They’re such happy little hoppers that love cuddles and attention.


Today we (Me and Stewart) went to Nottingham, mainly to take photographs but we found ourselves checking out what shops there was on offer. We didn’t take as much photography as we would have liked I don’t think, I got a good handful but Stewart got 6 blurry ones so he says.  I will upload my pictures in a separate post – but here is a preview.

untitled shoot-4053.jpg


I hope you all have had a lovely week. I have and I plan on doing some extremely fun stuff this next coming week.

Stay happy and healthy folks,


Appreciation post / The End Of Year Show

Happy weekend people!

Initially, this post was supposed to go up last night however, I went on a bit of a downer and decided that once I got home I was going to sit in bed and eat Nutella pancakes.

Last night was the end of year show at college, basically, it gives us a chance to showcase our work to friends and family and our friends, friends and family.

It’s events like this when you see who really cares about you and what it is you’re doing. I had such an amazing support system Friday evening considering the previous 24 hours was a complete emotional rollercoaster and Friday morning I was an emotional mess.
I just want to say thank you to everybody that came to see my work. I’ve had a gruelling year and I say it with complete honesty when I say that my final picture was made with blood sweat and tears. There were many times I sat there and was adamant I was quitting and not doing it anymore.

Thank you, mum and nan, for carting me around to the far away destinations for me to get the material I needed. You two are actual gems and I couldn’t have done any of this without the both of you and your support.

Thank you to Stewart’s family, Alison, Matt and Becky for coming to see my work last night. You guys have no idea how much it meant to me that you came.

Thank you, Mum, Gaz, Andrew, Nikki, Jordan, Thomas, Eli, Lucy, Nan, Grandad for all driving down from Gainsborough for such a short visit. I know I did you all proud, won’t let me not know otherwise.  – I haven’t forgotten you Ryan, thank you so much for driving all the way from Doncaster to come and see my work. It means the absolute world to me. I couldn’t honestly ask for a better support system. You’re all amazing and you made sure you were there for me and that means more than anything in the world.

Thank you to Stewart coming and for putting up with my paddy’s over my work and being the rock I needed throughout everything and current situations.

And thank you so much for the beautiful necklace. You guys know me so well. I cannot wait to graduate and make you all even prouder.

These situations speak 1000 words. 

I love you all.






Sorting through Mum’s Attic!

The words from mum’s mouth ”You can sort through my draws and cupboards.” was heaven to my ears. I don’t know when it became a hobby of mine to declutter and root through things but it’s been recently noticeable to myself. It wasn’t till we were sat chilled out in her living room that she said ”you also have the attic to do if you want.” I think she was half expecting me to say no but I jumped to the opportunity to do so. Who doesn’t love going to their parent’s house and rooting through the attic!

We got up there and it was jam packed off stuff, most people would take a look at it and feel dread fill their body but for me, excitement! What treasure’s would I be able to find? The first find was a baby picture of myself, mum seems to think I look beautiful, I, however, think I am an ugly ass baby. I’ll attach a photo below. Mum then found the picture that is famous in our household for the time I embarrassed mum an insane amount at nursery when I was 4 years old. I’ll attach a photograph but the whole story for this needs a post of its own.

I love most of all finding old photos and on the abundance of old laptops and memory boxes, we were able to find some quality memories. I ain’t gonna lie it took 2 days to clean out the attic but the inspiring, challenging words ‘you will not finish that attic today’ spurred me on to concur the little beasties, dust and junk!

Finding old pictures is always an amazing feeling because you get to look back on things you forgot even happened or remember happened but wasn’t sure or not whether you made it up; My sister found her old diary’s which I totally think she should start blogging about over on her blog because I think it will be hilarious. I found a small snippet in a book of something I wrote and I just droned on about how unfair life was and how I wished parents were like they were in movies. LOL!  Dramatic.  I even found a hilariously cringe MSN conversation with a friend back in school that I’d copied and pasted into a word document clearly as evidence against them; there was a number of other MSN chat logs but I’ll probably look through them at another time. We even found what we have of our home videos, and even though its loads of clips crammed into an hour long video and it’s all we have, I treasure it with all my heart. We will never ever get to relive these moments again and it’s nice to have the opportunity to look back at them.

I have much more things to sieve through and hopefully find some hidden gems in and I will post them when I do!

A really bad digi cam selfie.^^

Brilliant, state of the art fashion choices.^^