The Bail Gate, Lincoln, 2017.

Happy Wednesday everybody! Hope you’re all having a great week so far and have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine. Today I have got a very short and sweet post for you πall;

I’ve been playing a lot with my photography recently and for some reason, I am drawn to photographing streets. I don’t even know what this kind of photograph would come under subject wise. I always find myself pottering to the prettiest part of Lincoln when I want to take photographs because it’s so photogenic and accessible and I always spot different things every time.All images have been taken using Canon 6D.


All images have been taken using Canon 6D.




16th June 2017

Here we are again, the time of the week I bore you with how very little I have done this week. This week honestly, hasn’t really been that bad. Sunday Me and Stewart took a trip to The Bailgate, we were initially going up there to go to Lincoln Castle, there was a Comedy and Food festival going on and we were intrigued by it. After finding out that halloumi fries were like £10 we decided we’d rather just sit and have a Greg’s and just take a walk around town. It was a very relaxed day, I am still a bit narked that I never got to go to my favourite ice-cream parlour though. On from that, we spent the evening at Stewart’s mum’s house, having a good catch up and natter with the family and a delicious Indian takeaway.


Me and Stewart downloaded Pokemon go again and decided to take a walk around the Bailgate yet again. It was something to do, it got us out the house and walking, getting in those daily steps. Not gonna lie, I’m WELL happy with the new Pokemon I  caught – I had to put my only lure on though because literally nobody plays it anymore and there were no lures anywhere across town. *sobs*

On Wednesday I went and chilled in Lincoln Castle grounds with my best friend Caitlin. It’s so cool you can literally sit within the walls of the castle and just chill, enjoy the free wifi and have a chat, read a book, do some work or have a picnic. We then went to the cutest little cafe on steep hill called Bells Tea Shop. It was so cute and the food was delicious.



I spent the day at mum’s house and got to experience the stress of taking a 2-year-old shopping, as much as he was adorable pushing his little trolly of flowers around the shop, he was not cute when I was pushing his trolly and he was running off shouting ”POO,POOO!”

”Eli, do you need to go poo?”

Nope, he’s just shouting poo, poo for the fun of it. Kids eh.


I’ve got my brother, sister and her partner coming around tonight for some drinks, Buzz the music quiz and Singstar. I’m very excited about it. I will update you on the next weekly update about the antics of that event.

To end this post here is a stupidly adorable photograph of all by buns at dinner time.