5 Contemporary Photographers, You Should Be Following On 500px!

500px is one of my favorite photo-sharing sites of all times. The photographers on there are so talented and I find myself most inspired after a 30-minute browsing sesh, looking at the work of so many talented creatives.

Landscapes are one of my favorite things to explore on here, and having a passion for landscape photography I thought I would share some of my fave and most inspiring photographers at the moment.


Daniel Casson

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.46.02.png



Michiel Pieters

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.48.09.png



Nathaniel Merz


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.55.00.png



Sam Alive


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.57.07.png



Matt Lief Anderson


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 21.04.57.png




Exploring Nottingham City

I’d heard mixed reports about Nottingham and honestly did not know what to expect from the city. The whole aim of the trip to Nottingham was to go and get some photography of the city. I’m quite into the architectural style of photography at the moment so I am embracing that before I head off back to college next month.

Nottingham wasn’t as tall as I expected it to be, was massive in other ways, just not upwards and that disappointed me a little bit. I am a mass lover of Manchester though and I feel as though I was expecting Manchester on a smaller scale and instead I got Lincoln on a larger scale, which wasn’t all bad I guess.

What I liked about it was the fact it wasn’t home. It felt new and I love the feeling of exploring somewhere new, it was almost as though I was on holiday for the day. Exploring a city I’d never been to before, a city also that is quite close to home.

I was so busy using my eyes to look around and taking in my surroundings that I actually forgot to use my camera quite a lot of the time. I managed to get a few images but not near the amount I had hoped to come home with.

All images taken with a Canon 6D.




The Bail Gate, Lincoln, 2017.

Happy Wednesday everybody! Hope you’re all having a great week so far and have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine. Today I have got a very short and sweet post for you πall;

I’ve been playing a lot with my photography recently and for some reason, I am drawn to photographing streets. I don’t even know what this kind of photograph would come under subject wise. I always find myself pottering to the prettiest part of Lincoln when I want to take photographs because it’s so photogenic and accessible and I always spot different things every time.All images have been taken using Canon 6D.


All images have been taken using Canon 6D.




5 Reasons Why I Love Myself

This is quite possibly one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write but due to the low down moods I’ve been experiencing recently, I decided to challenge myself to find 5 things that I love about myself.

There’s nothing worse than constantly comparing yourself to the big world of many people, which I used to do on a regular basis but have stopped doing since I started my ‘Health Kick’ regime.  I started spending more time focusing on myself and getting myself to how I wanted to be than scrolling through Instagram for hours on end looking at everyone who appeared to have maybe better morals than me, better bodies, better hair, better facial features, you know all that silly stuff.

I’ve never been one to like anything about myself so I knew it was going to take me a while to find 5 things that I ”loved” about myself but I am so happy I did because it made me feel great and I really would recommend you do it too. It’s good therapy for the soul, everyone needs reminding that they’re great, so you can now, right now, remind yourself that you are amazing and unique.


Here are my 5 reasons why I love myself;


1. I like to look for the good in everybody.

This can be considered as a bad trait to some people but to me, I think everybody should have an element within them that looks for the good in somebody or somebody’s intentions because this world is far too hostile towards people. People are so quick to turn on each other for the most ridiculous reasons like misinterpreting something someone has said and making that person out to be a bad person. Granted, some people are arseholes, there’s no way I can deny that completely but I know that even those arseholes have the smallest amount of good in them somewhere and I will continue to look for it if possible.

2. I have the best parties when I’m at home alone with my dogs.

Sometimes, I need to blow off steam, I can’t afford to go partying in town. Anybody who really knows me will know how much I love music. I love cranking that volume to a ridiculous number (due to the size of the speakers in the living room, the neighbours will be super glad we’re detached houses!) and sing at the top of my lungs dance like an idiot, and include the dogs of course, I have no choice but to involve the dogs. They absolutely love it, maybe…

3. I am easily pleased. (In some cases!)

When it comes to clothing, makeup, hair or what music I want to listen to, I am not easy to please, however, if you ask me what I want to eat for lunch or tea, what I want to do that day, where I want to go, what I want to do my answer will always be ”up to you”. Yes it may be a cop-out to not have to make a decision but look at it this way, you suggest we walk to a sewer or something, I’ll be totes happy to do so. Anything that involves me moving and being active or my mind being stimulated in some way shape or form makes me happy.

4. I have a passion for anything creative.

I am an artistic soul for sure. Some days you can give me a pencil and a sheet of paper and I will only be able to draw a stick man, other days you give me the same equipment and I will draw you a masterpiece. (not literally). I find that my many different moods dictate to me on different days what creative thing I am going to be good at on that day. Some days I will pick up my camera and produce the biggest load of crap that my 2-year-old brother could produce better. I love painting, sculpting, sketching, taking photographs and even making jewellery.

5. I will always strive to be better.

No matter what I do, what I become I will always push myself to be better whether that be better at photography, blogging or being a better person. I will always be looking for ways to progress further. The moment you think you’ve maxed out your potential you’ll stop being the best at what you do or the best person you can be.


So, there we have it. God, it was hard. For a post that was supposed to go up Wednesday, and then Thursday and here we are on Friday finally posting it so the world can see. I have been constantly umming and ahhing about posting this and honestly, I don’t really know why.

Thank you for reading and please, tell me 5 things that you love about yourself, I’d honestly love to know.