Japanese Meditation Garden (iPhoneography)

Today (Thursday 10th August) we went to a Japanese meditation garden and I had no idea what to expect so instead of lugging around my Canon DSLR I decided that I would just use my phone to get some images of the place to show you guys.

If you’re from around near where I live, (Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough) I seriously suggest you go give this place a visit. It is absolutely stunning, Maybe not for you if you’re not into meditation and anything connected to that, if you like beautiful landscaping and gardens you’ll certainly find it interesting, if you like pretty things, you’ll absolutely die for the crystal garden, like I did.

All photographs were taken with iPhone 7plus and edited using VSCO cam.

For more information regarding the gardens visit; http://www.buddhamaitreya.co.uk/




Sisterly Bonding and Photoshoots! 6/08/17


Here we are, another week has gone by and I have to say it has been a lot better than last week. I’ve had a pretty positive, anxiety free week and it has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve had company for most of the week as well which has been nice. I love having people come and stay with me cause it actually forces me to do stuff instead of sitting staring at my MacBook doing all sorts of admin work. I haven’t really done anything totally interesting this week;


Another trip to mothers was on the cards today,  me and Stewart drove up a lot later than usual and ended up having tea. I went back up in mums attic which is one of my favourite things to do. I came home with some of mum’s old clothes and old computers hoping to retrieve some old photographs but unfortunately, the computers were all wiped blank, but Stewart has decided to make his own computer now out of a ps2. Which isn’t nerdy at all. Before we went home, we all went for a drive so Andrew could show us his skills and honestly, he’s picking up driving really quickly and is already better at it than me, we won’t tell him that though because his head is already as big as the moon.


Because Nikki came home with us on Monday we dedicated Tuesday to colouring her hair from black to a much lighter colour. Nobody should ever dye their hair black if they’re going to be likely to want to change it without spending a lot of time and money on it in salons because it is a bitch of a colour to remove from hair. However, 7hours and 20 mins down and there is no trace of black or even brown in her hair. I think she is very happy with it now which is the main thing.



Me and Nicola decided we were going to play in the studio today and do some photographs. We decided to showcase her new hair and do a unicorn inspired shoot. It’s been a while since I was able to get creative with makeup and these kinds of fantasy inspired shoots are fun for everybody involved because they are so easy going and laid back and honestly can create some proper laugh out loud moments. You can see some of the photographs from this shoot here.


Mum picked me and Nic up today and we spent the day in Gainsborough. We didn’t really do much, just chilled, did some shopping, ate some chips and then went home again. It was a good way to kill a massive part of the day meaning I didn’t have to find something for me and Nic to do because it’s hard enough finding something for yourself to do let alone another person as well. When we got home from mums we sat down for an hour and a half painting some rocks; pics below.

I had some a4 playing cards delivered and They’re so much fun to play with. I have a bit of a thing for playing cards at the moment, I’ve seen A3 size on the internet and they are next on my purchase list.


I woke up with a cold brewing, but that didn’t stop me having the time of my life in the garden with Nik. We decided to trial run the water slide in my back garden. It would work a hell of a lot better with less wind and fewer dogs running in front of you every 5 minutes. We added some bubble bath into the lazy spa and basically, acted like kids for a good majority of the day and basically just made the most of the sunshine. The day ended with us playing cards until midnight, laughing hysterically at nothing. Who knew playing cards could give you so much fun and laughter.


Another day consisting of not a lot. We took Nik home today and spent some time catching up with mum yet again, I might as well move back in, haha! As soon as I got home I decided to move around the bunnies room and make it a bit more cosy and fun for them to live in. They’re all finally getting on together, Olive is the most dominant, she rules the whole house. I love sitting in the room with all my bunnies. They’re such happy little hoppers that love cuddles and attention.


Today we (Me and Stewart) went to Nottingham, mainly to take photographs but we found ourselves checking out what shops there was on offer. We didn’t take as much photography as we would have liked I don’t think, I got a good handful but Stewart got 6 blurry ones so he says.  I will upload my pictures in a separate post – but here is a preview.

untitled shoot-4053.jpg


I hope you all have had a lovely week. I have and I plan on doing some extremely fun stuff this next coming week.

Stay happy and healthy folks,


Photography By The Sea

Skegness isn’t the greatest of beaches, To us yellowbellies though it’s the bee’s knee’s aka known as ”Skegvagas” I’m not entirely sure how it’s got that name as it isn’t quite as glamorous as Las Vegas, but it is the closest thing Lincolnshire has got to it.

I’ve been to Skegness so many time’s within my lifetime and it never seems to change at all. It’s exactly how I remember it, same stalls and everything. I decided to go to a different end of the beach today to capture my images. I purposely stayed away from the arcades as I can’t get myself out of them once I go into them and I spend stupid amounts of money.

The weather wasn’t ideal for the Infrared shots and honestly, I’m still getting used to my full spectrum camera so a lot of my Infrareds became duffs and even in RAW somehow was completely unrecoverable.


Canon 6D;



Infrared; Canon 400D Full Spectrum Conversion.



BBQ, Board Games & Beach Trip! 

Happy Monday everyone.

This weekend has been a much busier one than usual and it’s actually felt good to have a ‘proper weekend’. Unfortunately what I had originally had planned for the weekend just gone fell through because of the drop in temperature outside and lack of sunshine. It will however definitely happen sometime over the summer if not soon!

That hasn’t stopped me from having an awesome weekend though. Saturday I woke up feeling the healthiest and happiest I had been all week ( I had been a bit under the weather during the week!) I spent a stupid amount of time messing around with the template of my blog, trying to freshen it up a little bit. I have a feeling I’ll never be happy with the way it looks because I’m a perfectionist.

Later on in the day, we went to Stewart’s mum’s house for a BBQ. I absolutely love BBQ’s. I love how they bring a family together, sunshine, maybe even rain, food, alcohol, food.. so many different things everybody enjoys, we can all enjoy together.


After we played UNO we then played Brainiak, which was hilarious. I have never played it before and honestly, it was hilarious watching everyone bicker over their answers and harmlessly laugh at one another; Me and Stewart got a task where we had to write 5 things that are illegal, everyone laughed because I wrote ”Smoking in the car with a 16-year-old” Apparently it was ”very specific” and everybody, including myself, found it extremely comical. You can totally tell I’d never played this game before.

Sunday came and we had nothing to do, the weather wasn’t good enough for us to do what we had originally planned so, we decided to grab our camera’s and go for a trip to Skegness. We don’t go to the coast very much so it was nice to do something different for a change and honestly, the day was really relaxing. I didn’t find much that took my fancy to photograph with the big camera but it was nice to take it out, use it and brush off the cobwebs it seems to be collecting sat on my desk at home.

I ate everything you’re supposed to eat at the seaside today,  asides from the MUST HAVE; Fish and Chips. I definitely had a whippy ice cream and took home some dinky doughnuts though. That’s my favourite part of going to the beach after all.
iPhone Gallery;



Keep an eye out for the Photography post with my images from the seaside, coming Wednesday this week!

See you later, Cyber Sweets!


23 June 2017

It’s that time of the week, It’s starting to feel officially like summer!

I am starting to wonder whether or not these are too often for my ‘not so busy’ lifestyle. However, I have had a pretty fun week if I am completely honest. It’s been a week full of sunshine and fun.

As you know, last Friday my brother, sister and her partner were coming to stay with me for the night for some drinks and PlayStation fun. Well it turned out to be just as fun as I expected and honestly, the funniest part for me was bumping into my brother trying to convince himself he wasn’t drunk by placing one foot in front of the other and attempting to walk in a straight line, Oh and the fact it started to get hysterically funny when Andrew decided to respond to everyone with a very stern and high pitched ”EY” everytime someone said a word to him.

We have been completely blessed with the weather this week. I already have a pretty impressive tan, however, due to my eczema, my tan goes all patchy and horrible and honestly, I may have well fake tanned cause I get the same effect. Anywho, The week started off by having the best water fight with my brother (Andrew) and Sister (Lucy).

On Monday, Me and Lucy decided to buy some oversized syringes and have a water fight with them, it was stupidly hot outside so we decided to take full advantage of that and have some proper ‘summer holiday’s fun’ (I know it’s not technically the summer holiday’s yet but it is for us college peeps!)

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.28.06

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.28.40

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.29.07

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.33.04Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.33.29.png

It was honestly, a blast.  I’ve spent a lot of time at mums this week. It’s such a happy environment to be in. You can 100% be yourself at mum’s, be an idiot, banter with your brothers and sisters, act like a child, I honestly love it. I am completely care free, surrounded by unconditional love, no judgement and no animosity.

We had to take Olive to the vet’s to be spayed this week, She’s come into her maturity as a woman and well, she took a bit of a disliking to Alfie and starting attaching herself to him by her teeth. Safe to say I think she might calm down now once those hormones leave her system. I hope so anyway. Her and Alfie always got on so well.

Aside’s from that I’ve been feeling pretty crappy towards the end of the week, All the fun at mums for 3 days took it out of me and I’ve been a complete walking zombie for the past two days, even writing this I have matchsticks in my eyes keeping them open. I haven’t ever felt so tired before in my life.

I think it’s safe to say though that It’s time to start hitting the diet and gym again, from the above pictures I can see a bit of a podge starting to make a reappearance in my shorts and this is not good; I did so well but because I have been struggling over the last couple of months I’ve now got myself into a bad eating and lazy routine and I am telling myself now this is not good enough! If the kickstart on the healthy living doesn’t work I might have to see myself going to the doctors.

Here are some of my iPhone pictures from the week, a PROPER childhood ice-cream, a beautiful sunset and just some of the things I am blessed with in life.



I am sending lots of love and hugs out today just in case you’re feeling as crappy as I do and you need that cyber uplift. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a weekend full of fun and happiness.


All my love, cyber sweeties!


16th June 2017

Here we are again, the time of the week I bore you with how very little I have done this week. This week honestly, hasn’t really been that bad. Sunday Me and Stewart took a trip to The Bailgate, we were initially going up there to go to Lincoln Castle, there was a Comedy and Food festival going on and we were intrigued by it. After finding out that halloumi fries were like £10 we decided we’d rather just sit and have a Greg’s and just take a walk around town. It was a very relaxed day, I am still a bit narked that I never got to go to my favourite ice-cream parlour though. On from that, we spent the evening at Stewart’s mum’s house, having a good catch up and natter with the family and a delicious Indian takeaway.


Me and Stewart downloaded Pokemon go again and decided to take a walk around the Bailgate yet again. It was something to do, it got us out the house and walking, getting in those daily steps. Not gonna lie, I’m WELL happy with the new Pokemon I  caught – I had to put my only lure on though because literally nobody plays it anymore and there were no lures anywhere across town. *sobs*

On Wednesday I went and chilled in Lincoln Castle grounds with my best friend Caitlin. It’s so cool you can literally sit within the walls of the castle and just chill, enjoy the free wifi and have a chat, read a book, do some work or have a picnic. We then went to the cutest little cafe on steep hill called Bells Tea Shop. It was so cute and the food was delicious.



I spent the day at mum’s house and got to experience the stress of taking a 2-year-old shopping, as much as he was adorable pushing his little trolly of flowers around the shop, he was not cute when I was pushing his trolly and he was running off shouting ”POO,POOO!”

”Eli, do you need to go poo?”

Nope, he’s just shouting poo, poo for the fun of it. Kids eh.


I’ve got my brother, sister and her partner coming around tonight for some drinks, Buzz the music quiz and Singstar. I’m very excited about it. I will update you on the next weekly update about the antics of that event.

To end this post here is a stupidly adorable photograph of all by buns at dinner time.



9th June 2017

Goooooooooood morning sweeties.

It’s been a short while since my last catch up with me post and honestly, I probably really haven’t done that much that’s worth writing about. Life is incredibly dull and boring at the moment, asides from that though I got a new bunny again. That makes 4 buns altogether.

Yes, I may just be a bunny addict.

So, I was adamant when I bought the last bun, Olive that I was finished. I had enough bunnies and was completely happy with my little fur family. Then, Monday me and Stewart arrived at mums and previous to this me and mum had been discussing whether or not it would be a good idea to get her another rabbit, the conclusion to this was yes because, her rabbit, Bash was lonely and no longer came out to play.


Anyway, we got to mums and she was sat on the sofa with a weird grin on her face and I remember thinking ”what the hell is she grinning like that for, what has she done?” I then saw this ball of fluff, at first I just thought it was a new teddy of Eli’s or something but then it bloody moved. I could have cried. It wasn’t even my rabbit and the happiness this little thing gave me was ridiculous, mum then told me, the pet shop she got him from had a girl left, on her own. THIS WOULD NOT DO. No bunny should be left alone.

Long story short, Pippa came to live with me and she is the most beautiful, princess in the whole wide world.

Asides from this mass moment of excitement and happiness, nothing else has really happened this week and I promise, the next time I write a catch up with me post, I will not have a new furry friend to write about. I am actually done now. My little fur family is complete with the Fluffy 10! (Follow them on Instagram here: @thefluffy10)