5 Contemporary Photographers, You Should Be Following On 500px!

500px is one of my favorite photo-sharing sites of all times. The photographers on there are so talented and I find myself most inspired after a 30-minute browsing sesh, looking at the work of so many talented creatives.

Landscapes are one of my favorite things to explore on here, and having a passion for landscape photography I thought I would share some of my fave and most inspiring photographers at the moment.


Daniel Casson

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.46.02.png



Michiel Pieters

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.48.09.png



Nathaniel Merz


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.55.00.png



Sam Alive


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.57.07.png



Matt Lief Anderson


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 21.04.57.png




Snout wrong with that! (Photography by StewartJames)

shnozzepiggynozz_DSF3758_DSF3780closeupcownoseAll photographs were taken with a Fuji X-pro-1 with 27mm lens.

Go follow and support Stewart!

Stewart James blog

A Busy, Active And Interesting Week. 12/08/17

Where has this week gone? I feel as though it has been a complete relief signing this week of here and being able to walk into a new one tomorrow. This week has been full of yet more stress that I’ve found really hard to shift from and shrug off.


On Monday we took a trip to see Stewart’s grandparents, we ended up going out for lunch at the crown and arrows. I the cheesiest macaroni cheese you can imagine and Stewart decided to go for the ”hot, hot, hot challenge” I tried a bit of his hot sauce and it blew my head off. How he managed to eat the whole lot I have no idea.

I spent the rest of the day playing sims 4 in bed. YES!!!!


I’m struggling to remember what we did today and there are no images on my phone to really suggest what we did do all day. I know we were supposed to be going to wetlands with my side of the family however we didn’t due to the rainy dull weather, good job we didn’t really as well as we found out on Wednesday that the place was shut now.


Wednesday was intended to be a day out at the beach with my side of the family,  unfortunately, due to circumstances this was unable to happen and we ended up in Costa and at a local park instead. Still a lot of fun but not the kind of fun I think we all had in mind.


Thursday was ace. We went to a Japanese meditation garden with Stewart’s side of the family again and honestly, it was the best place I have been in a long time. It was so pretty and peaceful and it had the most wonderful crystal garden I have ever seen in my life. You can see the images from this here.

I’ve gone into a proper spiritual place myself recently and I do get the impression some people might think I’m a bit weird or bonkers for doing so but it’s something I have done personally in my own time for many years now only now I have accepted that I am a quirky soul and I am embracing that, no matter what other people think of me.


Friday was housework day. Since Stewart’s week, off started the house has been neglected massively and I just woke up in a foul mood and cleaned the shit out of the house. We then went to get some plants that clean the air within your home and then sat watching really badly made, cheesy documentaries for the rest of the day.




I woke up Saturday, not in the greatest mood and it wasn’t really looking like it was going to improve if I am honest so we decided to go to Rand Farm (The home that’s not home). What better way to rid yourself of negative energy than giving loads of animals attention and love. I honestly have become so connected with animals and life over the summer that nothing has made me happier than animals do. We even looked at the bunny rabbits and I was completely and utterly in my element. I am defo getting a Rex rabbit next.

We also decided to go ghost hunting, something we did for a laugh and to stimulate our curiosity really, however where we went was pretty dull… If you’d like to know more about this then please let me know.

Feel free to check out Stewart’s guest post here
Stewart’s blog


Stewart’s last day off. I am soon back to my own routines. As much as it is nice having the company on such a long period of time off college it’s much nicer when you get to have that time back to yourself. For the past 2 weeks I have fallen out of my daily routine completely and I have paid for it. I have not worked out for two weeks and I’ve eaten complete junk and honestly, I cannot wait for Monday to come around so I can get back into the gym without any distractions and shift the pounds I’ve put back on.

Today we took a trip to Sutton on Sea, mainly to collect some materials for me to make some cute stuff with for the remainder of the summer but more importantly to brush off any negative energy from the week. I feel as though my week has been very negative and frustrating. Today I plan to return home in a fresh state of mind and a bit more positive.

Japanese Meditation Garden (iPhoneography)

Today (Thursday 10th August) we went to a Japanese meditation garden and I had no idea what to expect so instead of lugging around my Canon DSLR I decided that I would just use my phone to get some images of the place to show you guys.

If you’re from around near where I live, (Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough) I seriously suggest you go give this place a visit. It is absolutely stunning, Maybe not for you if you’re not into meditation and anything connected to that, if you like beautiful landscaping and gardens you’ll certainly find it interesting, if you like pretty things, you’ll absolutely die for the crystal garden, like I did.

All photographs were taken with iPhone 7plus and edited using VSCO cam.

For more information regarding the gardens visit; http://www.buddhamaitreya.co.uk/




Exploring Nottingham City

I’d heard mixed reports about Nottingham and honestly did not know what to expect from the city. The whole aim of the trip to Nottingham was to go and get some photography of the city. I’m quite into the architectural style of photography at the moment so I am embracing that before I head off back to college next month.

Nottingham wasn’t as tall as I expected it to be, was massive in other ways, just not upwards and that disappointed me a little bit. I am a mass lover of Manchester though and I feel as though I was expecting Manchester on a smaller scale and instead I got Lincoln on a larger scale, which wasn’t all bad I guess.

What I liked about it was the fact it wasn’t home. It felt new and I love the feeling of exploring somewhere new, it was almost as though I was on holiday for the day. Exploring a city I’d never been to before, a city also that is quite close to home.

I was so busy using my eyes to look around and taking in my surroundings that I actually forgot to use my camera quite a lot of the time. I managed to get a few images but not near the amount I had hoped to come home with.

All images taken with a Canon 6D.




Sisterly Bonding and Photoshoots! 6/08/17


Here we are, another week has gone by and I have to say it has been a lot better than last week. I’ve had a pretty positive, anxiety free week and it has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve had company for most of the week as well which has been nice. I love having people come and stay with me cause it actually forces me to do stuff instead of sitting staring at my MacBook doing all sorts of admin work. I haven’t really done anything totally interesting this week;


Another trip to mothers was on the cards today,  me and Stewart drove up a lot later than usual and ended up having tea. I went back up in mums attic which is one of my favourite things to do. I came home with some of mum’s old clothes and old computers hoping to retrieve some old photographs but unfortunately, the computers were all wiped blank, but Stewart has decided to make his own computer now out of a ps2. Which isn’t nerdy at all. Before we went home, we all went for a drive so Andrew could show us his skills and honestly, he’s picking up driving really quickly and is already better at it than me, we won’t tell him that though because his head is already as big as the moon.


Because Nikki came home with us on Monday we dedicated Tuesday to colouring her hair from black to a much lighter colour. Nobody should ever dye their hair black if they’re going to be likely to want to change it without spending a lot of time and money on it in salons because it is a bitch of a colour to remove from hair. However, 7hours and 20 mins down and there is no trace of black or even brown in her hair. I think she is very happy with it now which is the main thing.



Me and Nicola decided we were going to play in the studio today and do some photographs. We decided to showcase her new hair and do a unicorn inspired shoot. It’s been a while since I was able to get creative with makeup and these kinds of fantasy inspired shoots are fun for everybody involved because they are so easy going and laid back and honestly can create some proper laugh out loud moments. You can see some of the photographs from this shoot here.


Mum picked me and Nic up today and we spent the day in Gainsborough. We didn’t really do much, just chilled, did some shopping, ate some chips and then went home again. It was a good way to kill a massive part of the day meaning I didn’t have to find something for me and Nic to do because it’s hard enough finding something for yourself to do let alone another person as well. When we got home from mums we sat down for an hour and a half painting some rocks; pics below.

I had some a4 playing cards delivered and They’re so much fun to play with. I have a bit of a thing for playing cards at the moment, I’ve seen A3 size on the internet and they are next on my purchase list.


I woke up with a cold brewing, but that didn’t stop me having the time of my life in the garden with Nik. We decided to trial run the water slide in my back garden. It would work a hell of a lot better with less wind and fewer dogs running in front of you every 5 minutes. We added some bubble bath into the lazy spa and basically, acted like kids for a good majority of the day and basically just made the most of the sunshine. The day ended with us playing cards until midnight, laughing hysterically at nothing. Who knew playing cards could give you so much fun and laughter.


Another day consisting of not a lot. We took Nik home today and spent some time catching up with mum yet again, I might as well move back in, haha! As soon as I got home I decided to move around the bunnies room and make it a bit more cosy and fun for them to live in. They’re all finally getting on together, Olive is the most dominant, she rules the whole house. I love sitting in the room with all my bunnies. They’re such happy little hoppers that love cuddles and attention.


Today we (Me and Stewart) went to Nottingham, mainly to take photographs but we found ourselves checking out what shops there was on offer. We didn’t take as much photography as we would have liked I don’t think, I got a good handful but Stewart got 6 blurry ones so he says.  I will upload my pictures in a separate post – but here is a preview.

untitled shoot-4053.jpg


I hope you all have had a lovely week. I have and I plan on doing some extremely fun stuff this next coming week.

Stay happy and healthy folks,


Unicorn Inspired Photoshoot!


I haven’t forgotten that Wednesday is blog day so me and my little sister Nikki decided to do a photo shoot to not only kill time but to share with the internet. We wanted to do something a bit different so we decided to be a bit ‘extravagant’ if you like with the makeup and outfit.

We literally dedicated the whole day to shooting and doing makeup. We did do another look but I am saving that for another blog post.

Me and Nikki have completely different tastes in the things we like and enjoy, I love pink, unicorns, bunnies, you name it anything girly I love it. Nicola, on the other hand, is a bit more of a bad ass in the things that she likes and likes demons and freaky crap like that, so we did a shoot that was more, normal if you like compared to this.

There’s nothing I love more than being able to carelessly experiment with my photography and not worry about them going in a sketchbook and being able to control whether or not they get edited or seen!

Let me know what you think of these and if you have done a shoot similar, I would love to see.

All pictures have been taken with Canon 6D || Edited in Adobe Lightroom || Taken in my home pop up studio.